Fleeting Moments of Inspiration

I don’t if this how most people are but from what I’ve seen from my friends, people tend to actually do what they aspire to after some procrastination. Some take more time than others but they do eventually get around to doing it. I’m not like that. At all. I get these moments where I suddenly want to take art classes, a writing course, photography lessons, write a short story, do a DIY, learn how to cook something, and a million things. And then it’s gone. For a few more days, I play around with the idea in my head and think of all the reasons to put it off. I have an essay to do, I need to study for a test, and I want to sleep after that because I didn’t sleep well last night and the list goes on until I think about it and I don’t want to do it anymore.

Perhaps people don’t procrastinate as much as I do but I do think everyone has these moments. Moments where you’re awake at 3:00 am and you’re finishing an essay when you suddenly get the urge to finally organize your room or write the first chapter of that story you’ve been thinking about for years but you have to put it off because you need to finish that essay. Or maybe you’re shopping with your friends and you say, I’ll do it when I get home. Except you get home and you’re tired or you have to get ready for something and by the time you have the opportunity to do it, the urge to do so is gone.

There was a TED Talk I watched last year by Tim Urban called “Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator.” My teacher recently played it for it during class and as I watched it again, it struck a chord in me. He argues that procrastination is fine when there are deadlines but that it become dangerous when there aren’t deadlines. When our to-do’s are our dreams and goals. I fear that this is what is going to happen with me. I haven’t had one of those inspiring moments in months but I’ll still start. I’ll start small and hope to do more as time passes but for now, I think it’s important to keep this in mind and know that it’s important to do something about it. I hate inspirational talks and quotes but there are certain truths in them. So for anyone that suffers from my same problem, I hope this helps.

Here’s the link to the talk:


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